Casandra is an experienced speaker and educator known for her engaging and approachable communication style. She is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, and panels.

Casandra Campbell speaking at #CmWorld 2018

Recent Speaking Engagements

Here is a sample of Casandra’s recent speaking engagements. Anonymous feedback—passed on by event organizers—is included when available.

Experimentation Culture Awards 2020

  • Stop Just Optimizing: Start Deliberate Learning Instead

Hotjar Ecommerce UX Lightning Talks 2020

  • One Really Important Part of Your Website You’re Probably Forgetting to Optimize

Test & Learn Community Conversation

  • Testing in the time of COVID-19

Shopify Compass

SEO Training for Beginners

Photo of Casandra Campbell in a video thumbnail next to the words, "How to Build an SEO Strategy for Your Shopify Store"

#CMWorld 2018

• How To Turn Your Content Marketing Skills Into a Profitable Side Hustle
• Industry Lab: Retail and Ecommerce

“This session was so useful. More like this please!”

“So personable and likeable as a speaker. Great ideas-made me feel a sense of possibility.”

“Extremely helpful! Got me motivated to start doing something with my ideas instead of always putting it off for fear that it will be too complicated.”

“Loved the side hustle session!! Took notes furiously & left feeling inspired to use my skills to boost MY personal brand also.”

University of Toronto, Digital Enterprise Program, 4th Year Students, E-Business Strategies Class

• Ecommerce Business Blueprint

Inbound 2017

Inclusive Content Marketing: How to Create 10X Content in a Globally Connected World

#CMWorld 2017

• Industry Lab: Retail and Ecommerce

I loved the interactivity and looking at real world scenarios.

Fantastic; great interaction; extremely informative.

Very informative. Appreciate the ideas and feedback.

This was packed with relevant examples and useful insights. Presenters had a range of tips and case studies for beginners and intermediates and a little for the more advanced in the room. The session was adapted to the needs of the participants and the conversation was engaging. Both presenters took parts with their expertise, but it was also clear that they were coordinated as a team and played off each other like familiar colleagues. Well done!

Brilliant pair, great theory / best practices shared and then case study examples to draw from. Group discussion and hands-on approach was great. These two both clearly know what they are talking about, SMEs in retail and ecommerce space.

BrainStation Educator

• SEO, SEM, and Google Analytics

Casandra is extremely knowledgeable, personable and attentive to student questions.

Very informative and fun to listen to.

I have learned something tactical every class which has truly validated this course for me.

Really friendly and approachable.

She’s self-aware and acknowledges anything that may be unclear, or if she runs into a technical issue. Super personal, yet super professional. Provides several real examples of how to implement the concepts we talk about during class. Takes time to explain in layman’s terms, is patient. Makes sure everybody follows, has time to answer questions.”

Angel. Alway was able to put things in real life situation that I could relate too. Really appreciated that!